Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to clean cheap jordans shoes

    Nike shoes in how to wash before, the first is to consider the material of shoes. If the slope is leather, then it is not recommended to use the washing method, the best use of water or dry cleaning. In after a good wash, you can use newspaper and bibulous shoes excess water sucked, and then your shoes in a cool well ventilated place. Must not be washed out of the shoes under the sun exposure, it is easy to cause the shoe to be. Nike shoes how to wash also need to pay attention to, when air is basked in, can be used in newspapers and other soft goods stuffed shoes to keep the shoes.
    Nike sports shoes in the cleaning, and the water temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees. In the high temperature environment, the shoe is easy to deform, so as to damage the quality of the shoes. At the same time, in the cleaning, it is best to use a special washing product, in order to prevent the corrosion of the cheap jordans shoes. Some Nike sports shoes are made of leather, the shoes can be in dry cleaning, in the upper cast colorless or color of the shoe surface consistent shoe polish, and then stored in a cool ventilated corner. Wear shoes after a period of time, will gradually relax. Don't feel right. At this time can be used in the shoe bottom plus layer of shoe pad. The shoe pad can be used to replace the thickness of the shoe pad or a pair of shoes with a pair of jordan shoes for women with a pair of shoes, and the shoes with the shoe lace can be tied tightly together.

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